1. ┌П┐(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

    Closer to the sky. Caressing the clouds. Licking the lightning. Acid tastes.

  2. Image May Contain

    Low screen brightness. Big city lights. High current. Dance, really, do.

  3. Eyes + Mouth EP

    The label’s first release! The tracks presented on this record were initially created and performed within the context of shamanic rituals, with the intent of “shaking the people inside the people”, as Dishmo puts it. The versions on the EP are dancefloor edits of these longform tracks, club-ready but retaining the source material’s trippy and off-kilter characteristics.

  4. Redi Boi

    Naked morning dance. Cold shower, play again. Open windows. Saffron and amber.

  5. Actose

    Foggy winter excursion. From the city to the forest for a dance ceremony.

  6. Podcast for Blue Panther show on Rinse FM

    Full show here.